Apollonian Story

When I first met Nissim who lives in the cave, he didn't allow me in. But after I offered to work with him, he agreed. We carved a cave for 4 months.


apollonian story | 66 minutes



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Forty five years ago, while searching for his place in the world, Nissim Kahlon (72) made his home in a limestone cliff under Apollonia National Park, on the North of the Herzliya coast, 15 kilometres North of modern Tel Aviv.  For years he lived without electricity or running water. Today the "home" that he built out of anything and everything - rocks, trash, sand - contains countless caves and tunnels, and Nissim insists on continuing to work on it every day. His work never ends. The sea, which he loves dearly, constantly gnaws at his house, threatening his life's work. The unending building also takes a toll - his body aches and betrays him. After years of estrangement Nissim suggests that his son, Moshe (18), who was born in the cave and will soon join the military, move in with him. Nissim wants Moshe to inherit the cave when the time comes. Moshe reenters Nissim's life, and together they work to dig out the cave in which he will live. Through their hard work, a complex relationship between father and son is revealed.